Practical way to Producing Perfect Yam doughnut

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Yam doughnut

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Here are the ingridients that are required to produce a heavenly Yam doughnut:

  1. Provide of Doya.
  2. Take of Flour.
  3. Use of Cornflakes.
  4. Prepare of Maggie and curry.
  5. Provide of Spices.
  6. You need of Attaruhu d albasa.
  7. Use of Egg.
  8. Provide of Oil.

Done with the ingridients? Below are the sequences on cooking Yam doughnut:

  1. Da farko xki dafa doyanki da gishiri d sugar dan kdan inta dahu sosai ki kwashe shi daga ruwa.
  2. Ki gyara attaruhu d albasanki ki wanke ki xuba a turmi ki jajjaga sai ki kawo wannan doyan ki xuba akan Kayan miyan ki hada kita dakawa.
  3. Ki dauko spices nki wato citta kannunfari d sauransu ki xuba kiyi adding curry da Maggie dinki duk ki xuba akan doyan kici gba d dakawa har sai kin tabbata komai y gauraya kuma doyan yyi laushi sosai sai ki kwashe acikin bowl..
  4. Xki shafa Mai kdan a hannunki sai ki ribga dibo doyan kina mulmula yyi kyau sosai sai ki dorashi kn tafin hannunki sai kisa dayan hannun ki taba shi xkiga yyi fadi,sai ajiye kn plate ki samu murfin robar lemo ki danna a tsakiyan xkiga y dago sai ki cire hk xki tayi har ki gma.
  5. Ki samu bowl ki fasa kwanki ki ajiye aside,ki dauko cornflakes dinki ki farfasa shi sama sama,ki samu bowl ko plate ki xuba flour dinki ki dan barbada Maggie ko salt amma kdan..
  6. Ki ringa daukan doyan kina sawa cikin flour din ko ina yaji sai ki cire kisa cikin egg sai ki cire kisa shi cikin cornflakes dinki ki jujjuya sai kisa a oil(make sure yyi xafi manki kuma deep fry)in yyi brown ki cire🥰🥰.

Doughnuts, one might say if one were given to such pompous pronouncements, are the new cupcakes. This recipe is inspired by the jam doughnuts available at the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne. Place jam in a piping bag fitted with a plain nozzle and fill doughnuts. [Homemade] Raspberry Jam Doughnuts. Why make the jam ooze all over those other doughnuts!? What a waste of a perfectly clean doughnut! हिन्दी में पढिये – Jam Doughnuts Recipe.

Recipe : Yam doughnut

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