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The Secret to Serving Appetizing Mille feuille or custard slice

Hi buddy, welcome back to the most complete receipes web site. If you are looking for pleasing Mille feuille or custard slice recipe, you are now at the best place. We only prepare excellent Mille feuille or custard slice recipe which will make your dish stands out.

Mille feuille or custard slice

We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to mille feuille or custard slice recipe. You can have mille feuille or custard slice using 13 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Here are the ingridients that are needed to serve a heavenly Mille feuille or custard slice:

  1. Prepare 250 g of puff pastry.
  2. Use 45 ml of castor sugar.
  3. Prepare of Pastry cream.
  4. Provide 30 g of Flour, cake.
  5. You need 180 g of sugar, castor.
  6. Prepare 500 ml of milk.
  7. Use 6 of egg yolks.
  8. Take 5 ml of vanilla essence.
  9. You need 30 g of butter.
  10. Provide of Topping.
  11. Get 125 ml of icing sugar.
  12. You need 10-15 ml of lemon juice.
  13. Provide 30 g of chocolate.

Done with the ingridients? Below are the sequences on cooking Mille feuille or custard slice:

  1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Divide cold puff pastry into 3 pieces. Roll into 3 rectangles as thin as possible. Does not have to be neat rectangles as is it will be cut..
  2. Take a baking sheet and turn it upside down. Sprinkle castor sugar on sheet. Place puff pastry on sugar. Sprinkle castor sugar on pastry and place another baking sheet on top with bottom touching pastry. Bake for 25 minutes or until golden.
  3. As soon as it comes out of oven immediately cut edges of making three pastry layers the exact same size..
  4. Pastry cream: sift cake flour and castor sugar together. Whisk 1/4 of the milk into the egg yolks, then add the flour and castor sugar and whisk until completely smooth.
  5. Heat remaining milk in a pot. As soon as the milk comes to a boil, whisk approximately one-third of it into the egg-and-flour mixture and blend completely. Pour the egg mixture into the pot..
  6. Stir constantly until the custard thickens. As it thickens, the custard will go through a lumpy stage. Although you should not be alarmed, you should increase the speed of you stirring. Continue to stir vigorously, and it will smooth out and thicken just before coming to a boil. Add vanilla essence.
  7. Allow pastry cream to boil approximately 1 minute, stirring constantly.
  8. Remove the pastry cream from the heat and immediately pour it into a clean mixing bowl..
  9. Fold in the butter until melted. Do not overmix, as thus will thin the custard. Cover by placing plastic wrap in the surface of the custard. Chill in a an ice bath..
  10. Topping: Mix icing sugar and lemon juice together until it forms a thick paste. Melt chocolate and add a tablespoon of icing sugar to melted chocolate..
  11. Assembly: place puff pastry sheet on plate. Pipe pastry cream and again another layer of puff pastry. Top with pastry cream and add last puff pastry sheet. Decorate with icing sugar and chocolate..

I finally made some mille-feuille / custard slices this morning, using Jus Rol gluten free puff pastry + homemade pastry cream and a simple icing. Along with eclairs and proper Krispy Kreme style doughnuts, this was yet another classic dessert that was missing from my gluten free life (until now). I had been wanting to make these for AGES but for some reason I always assumed it would be. The term "mille-feuille" may also be written as two separate words, as "mille feuille" or as a single phrase, as "millefeuille." This dessert goes by many other names as well, and has also been referred to as a custard slice, cream slice, or vanilla slice. It is commonly known in the United States as a Napoleon.

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